RV Packing List

Cleaning and Hygiene

q       Broom/Whisk broom/Dust pan

q       Clorox disinfecting wipes

q       Dish detergent

q       Garbage bags (or reuse grocery bags)

q       Laundry detergent

q       Paper towels

q       Personal toiletries

q       Prescription drugs

q       RV toilet chemicals

q       Shampoo

q       Soap (bar for shower)

q       Soap (liquid for hands)

q       Sponge

q       Toilet paper

q       Wash basin

q       Wet Ones

Clothing and Linens

q       Bath towels

q       Beach towels

q       Blankets or sleeping bags

q       Clothes

q       Coats

q       Dish towels

q       Fitted sheets

q       Hand towels

q       Hats

q       Laundry bag

q       Mattress covers

q       Pajamas

q       Pillows

q       Shoes

q       Swimsuits

q       Top sheets

Entertainment and Communications

q       Batteries (AA)

q       Boom box (with CDs or tapes)

q       Camera and accessories

q       Cell phone (with charger)

q       Coaxial TV cable (for RV hookup)

q       Headphones (with extension cord)

q       Inverter (12 volts DC to 120 volts AC) with extension cord

q       Kids toys and activities

q       Kites

q       Laptop PC

q       Maps

q       Travel guide books

q       TV/VCR (with 12 volt DC power)

q       Video tapes

q       Walkie-talkies (with charger)


q       Balsamic vinegar

q       Barbeque sauce

q       Beer

q       Bread

q       Bullion cubes

q       Cereal

q       Cheese

q       Chips and snacks

q       Cold cuts

q       Cookies

q       Fruit

q       Ice

q       Juice

q       Ketchup

q       Liquor

q       Milk

q       Meat

q       Mustard

q       Olive oil

q       Olives

q       Peanut butter

q       Pickles

q       Protein bars

q       Salt and pepper

q       Soda

q       Spices

o       Chili powder

o       Cinnamon

o       Dill

o       Dried shallot flakes

o       Garlic powder

o       Italian herbs

o       Provence herbs

o       Red pepper flakes

o       Rosemary

q       Tabasco

q       Tea

q       Vegetable oil

q       Vegetables (fresh and canned)

q       Wine

q       Yogurt


q       Aluminum foil

q       Bag clips

q       Bar-B-Boss

q       Bowls

q       Can opener

q       Colander

q       Cups (hot and cold)

q       Cutting board

q       Forks

q       Ice cream scoop

q       Kitchen shears

q       Knives

q       Leftover containers

q       Long-reach lighter

q       Matches

q       Measuring cup

q       Mixing bowl

q       Peeler

q       Pie cutter

q       Pizza cutter

q       Plates

q       Pot holders

q       Pots (large, medium, small)

q       Serving platter

q       Serving spoon

q       Skewers

q       Skillet

q       Spatula

q       Steamer

q       Tongs

q       Toothpicks

q       Vacu Vin

q       Whisk

q       Wine bottle opener

q       Wine glasses

q       Zipper-lock bags

Swimming, Camping, and Outdoor Gear

q       Camp chairs

q       Camp table

q       Charcoal

q       Charcoal lighter

q       Cooler

q       Firewood

q       Ice packs

q       Inflatable kayak (with paddles, air pump, and repair kit)

q       Insect repellant

q       Knapsacks

q       Life jackets

q       Picnic blanket

q       Propane lamp

q       Sunscreen

q       Swim goggles

q       Water shoes

Tools and Miscellaneous

q       Alarm clock

q       Bungee cords

q       Cable ties

q       Duct tape

q       Flashlights

q       Hammer

q       Hatchet

q       Jumper cables

q       Level*

q       Leveling blocks*

q       Masking tape

q       Needle-nose pliers

q       Rope

q       Scissors

q       Scotch tape

q       Screwdriver

q       Shovel

q       Stroller

q       Swiss army knife

q       Tire pressure gauge

q       Vice-grip pliers

q       Washers

q       Waste hose*

q       Water hose*

q       Water pressure gauge

q       WD40

q       Windshield privacy screen*

*        Rental RV included these items


RV Repair Tip

Most RV walls are made of composite fiberboard.  Often wood screws, which attach fixtures, doors, tables, etc. to these walls, strip their holes and vibrate loose.  To reattach securely, remove the screw, insert a wooden toothpick or skewer into the hole, snap it off flush with the surface, then use a screwdriver to reinstall the screw.  The wooden insert repacks the hole, giving the screw new bite, and results in a solid repair.